A New Open Source Project ‘Kayenta’ Announced By Google & Netflix

By | April 10, 2018

On 10th April google and netflix announced the launch of Kayenta, is a new open source project that aims bring the canary analysis tools.

The idea behind the canary analysis is simple and very straightforward. This is an early warning system that is all about prevent major issues when you roll out an update to a service or your infrastructure. As the new system update comes canary do analysis the new service whether the new system behaves as it should or at least as well as the old one.

At every step, the system performs its checks and ensures that you don’t roll out an upgrade that may pass all of your regular tests but creates issues when thrown into a more complex production system.

A New Open Source Project ‘Kayenta’ Announced By Google & Netflix

Kayenta canary layout

As Google product manager Andrew Phillips told that, generally many users do there own check up with some tool and apps so there may be chance of having human errors. By this canary analysis it will take all type of check related issues and evaluate the metrics and then take the objective decision whether the code is ready to shop or not.

Often more companies used tool to check this type of errors but, that process may not be enough you want to put the code in to production.

For More information refer: techcrunch.com

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