Airtel Announced Bumper Offer Free 4G Data 12 Months

By | January 4, 2017

Domestic telecom operator Airtel announced a Massive offer to its customers. 4G will provide data for a year, it said. They used to have a network of Airtel 4G handsets, as well as those who upgrade Airtel’s network, Airtel Announced Bumper Offer using the new 4G handsets will be valid for this offer. January 4, 2017 and February 28, 2017, the offer will be available.

Airtel Announced a Massive Bumper Offer Free 4G Data 12 Months

Airtel free data for a year:

This offer 3 GB of free data every month to customers as of December 31, 2017, made the choice to prepaid and postpaid packs can be attained by. “Welcome customers to enjoy 4G experience palukutunnam year. The use of 4G handsets is growing across the country. Airtel branded services faster and grab more offers this impressive project, “he said Puri, Ajay Bharti, Director of Marketing Operations.

For example, pre-paid customers with 4G handsets under this scheme will be able to recharge with Rs .345. A network of recharge of Rs .345 free local, STD calls, 4 GB (1 GB to 3 GB of free data, plus the benefit of a regular pack) can be obtained monthly. It will be for 28 days. Until December 31, there will be flexibility to recharge 13 times.Airtel Announced Bumper Offer Free 4G Data 12 Months.

In addition to the Rs 549 plan with unlimited calls under postpaid customers, 6 GB (3 GB of regular data plus 3 GB of free data),Airtel Announced Bumper Offer Free 4G Data 12 Months the data can be obtained. Under the plan, along with unlimited calls at Rs .799 with 8 GB of data (plus 3 GB to 5 GB of data for regular data) you can get.

Click Here:- Airtel Massive Bumper Offer Free 4G Data 12 Months

Airtel 4G Plans and Airtel 3G Offers:

Rs.189: 550MB 3G/4G, Validity: 14 days
Rs.198: 198 – 800MB 3G/4G,21D, Validity: 21 days
Rs.209: 625MB 3G/4G, Validity: 14 days
Rs.219: 650MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 14 days
Rs.245: 850MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 21 days
Rs.255: 800MB 3G/4G, Validity: 21 days
Rs.259: 1GB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 28 days
Rs.296: 1GB 3G/4G day & night + 1GB night ( 12AM – 6AM) for 28 days. Check balance dial *121*2#,
Validity: 28 days
Rs.298: 1.25GB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 21 days
Rs.299: 1.25 GB 3G/4G data,Validity: 28 days
Rs.309: 1.3GB 3G/4G, Validity: 21 days
Rs.329: 1.4GB 3G/4G,Validity: 21 days
Rs.346: 346­1GB 3G/4G+ 2GB Night(12­6AM),Validity: 28 days
Rs.349: 1.4GB­10GB 3G/4G, Validity: 28 days
Rs.398: 1.75 GB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 28 days
Rs.496: 1GB 3G/4G+ 5GB Night (12­6AM) Data, Validity: 28 days
Rs.555: 2.5GB 3G/4G, Validity: 21 days
Rs.559: 4GB 3G/4G, Validity: 28 days
Rs.575: 2 GB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 60 days

Airtel 4G Plans: Airtel 4G offer and Airtel 3G Offers 2017:

Rs.11: 45MB 3G/4G , Validity: 1 day
Rs.17: 65MB 3G/4G Data , Validity: 2 days
Rs.24: 100MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 2 days
Rs.27: 70MB 3G/4G, Validity: 30 days
Rs.29: 75MB 3G/4G, Validity: 30 days
Rs.43: 125MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 3 days
Rs.44: 110MB 3G/4G, Validity: 28 days
Rs.49: 200MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 5 days
Rs.51: 1GB 3G/4G Night Data(1200­600AM), Validity: 1 day
Rs.67: 270MB 3G/4G data, Validity: 7 days
Rs.91: 275MB 3G/4G, Validity: 7 days
Rs.99: 400MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 11 days
Rs.101: 1GB 3G/4G data, Validity: 2 days
Rs.146: 550MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 15 days
Rs.148: 500MB 3G/4G data, Validity: 28 days
Rs.149: 600MB 3G/4G Data, Validity: 16 days
Rs.169: 500MB 3G/4G,Validity: 10 days
Rs.186: 400mb 3G/4G day & night + 400mb night ( 12AM – 6AM) for 28 days. Check balance dial
*121*2#, Validity: 28 days

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