AP FIBERNET Registrations Available – Fiber Grid Basic Package, Services, Plans

By | January 12, 2018

AP Fibernet: AP FIBER makes available a host of digital services through AP FIBER GRID. Check Basic Package and Plans now, ap fibernet registrations.

AP FIBERNET Registrations Available – Fiber Grid Basic Package, Services, Plans


On the below image you can clearly understad about the all the services which are going to be available for the people who are going to be thinking for buying a AP Fiber Grid. Here you can also find the basic plan details list wise. You can also it from below paragraph of the image. Click here==> AP Fibernet Registration Page. (if link not worked check below Link)

AP Fiber Grid

AP Fiber Grid is a promising initiative for Digital Value Added Services which already has 10 thousand existing users. This service caters to consumers who want to avail the perks of entertainment and infotainment applications like TV, Video calling, App Store, Real Time Weather Info, FM and more. Allows users to enhance their satisfaction through a large variety of services. Apart from this, it also allows users to view live cam feeds like traffic cams.

Services To Be Included In AP Fiber Grid

As we shown on above image AP Fibernet is providing many more services like ap fiber grid tender..

ap fibernet set top box Feactures

  • Voice Calling
  • Video T.V Channels
  • Internet Data
  • Movies On Demand
  • Video Conferencing Facility
  • e-commerce
  • Weather Report
  • F.M
  • Education, Health and many more services are providing by AP Fibernet through AP fiber grid.

AP Fibernet Basic Package (Price)

On this ap fibernet services there are 3 plans..

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Premium

At First start’s with basic plan, basic plan for ap fibernet starts with only Rs.149/- which allows the user to use limited FUP Limit of 5GB. Here come’s for second standard package of ap fiber grid of Rs.399/- which allows the user to use the FUP limit up-to 25GB. At last Premium package of Rs.599/- , as it name implies it allows the user FUP limit to 50GB.

AP Fibernet Plans

Here below we are providing the information about ap fibernet plans in a table view format. You can find this information on above image also.

S.no Plan No. of


Speed FUP Limit Speed After FUP Limit
1 Basic 250 15 Mbps 5 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 149/-
2 Standard 250 15 Mbps 25 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 399/-
3 Premium 250 15 Mbps 50 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 599/-

AP Fibernet Page For Registration

If you Have any quarries or questions like how to get ap fibernet connection or any other, feel free to ask us through below comment box.

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