Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online – Vote For Nominees – Star Maa Bigg Boss Season 2 Online Voting

By | July 2, 2018

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online : Star Maa bigg boss telugu season 2 is started on 10th June 2018, actor Nani is a host for bigg boss season 2 telugu. In first week, bigg boss mentioned 6 participants in danger zone based on 16 bigg boss house mates nominations. Now, it’s time for audience to take a decision who have to eliminate from bigg boss (only from selected 6 nominees). One will have to leave the show, out of 6 nominees. If you feel that any of person in a nomination will have to be in bigg boss house back again then, show your concern on them by voting them. For more information about online voting procedure go through below article.

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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online – Vote For Nominees – Star Maa Bigg Boss Season 2 Online Voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Season 2

Every Week one member will be eliminated from bigg boss house. Below we are providing first week bigg boss telugu danger zone participants list. Do your bigg boss telugu vote online to your favorite member, through online voting you can save your liked participant with out elimination from bigg boss house.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online

If you want to save them with out elimination from danger zone you need to bigg boss telugu vote for them. for that you have two ways or opportunities.

  1. Vote through phone call (missed call method)
  2. Through online voting (need internet)

Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2 Voting Through Missed Call

Below we are providing 1st week elimination round name list with there photos along with voting contact phone numbers. By just giving a missed call to their favorite contestants then can vote their favorite contestants. The Bigg Boss Telugu online voting numbers are listed below. Just make a missed call to the corresponding number to vote your best contestant who have a right to continue in the Bigg Boss House. Below participants are season 2  Bigg boss Telugu week 1 Elimination list. People can vote through bigg boss missed call voting to get participant out from eliminated list into bigg boss house. Those which participant will get less number of votes till every week Friday that participant will be bigg boss vote percentage Wise eliminated from the house.

Procedure for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Missed Call

  1. Dial your participant assign number through your mobile
  2. After dialing the number the phone will ring
  3. And automatically the call will end in a seconds
  4. That’s it your vote is successfully submitted to chosen member.

All Assigned Contact Numbers For 16 Members

1 Geetha Madhuri Singer In the house 7729998801
2 Syamala Anchor In the house 7729998802
3 Ganesh Commoner Nominated 7729998803
4 Bhanu Sree Actress In the house 7729998804
5 Babu Gogineni Rationalist In the house 7729998805
6 Tejaswi Actress In the house 7729998806
7 Roll Rida Singer In the house 7729998807
8 Deepti Nallamothu Anchor In the house 7729998808
9 Nutan Naidu Commoner Nominated 7729998809
10 Tanish Alladi Actor In the house 7729998811
11 Deepthi Sunaina Actress Nominated 7729998812
12 Amit Tiwari Actor In the house 7729998813
13 Sanjana Anne Model Nominated 7729998814
14 Samrat Reddy Actor In the house 7729998815
15 Kireeti Damaraju Actress Nominated 7729998816
16 Kaushal Manda Actor Nominated 7729998817

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Season 2 ( Online Mode)

All People who want to vote for bigg boss elimination zone member through online here you can vote. Below we are providing steps for how to vote and bigg boss vote status online for bigg boss telugu season 2.

Steps for How to Vote Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting

  • visit google, search for bigg boss Telugu vote online
  • Make sure your browser is signed in or not
  • If you are sign in submit your vote by clicking on on your favorite member pic.
  • That’s it.
Vote for Missed Call Number Google Online Vote
Vote for Deepti SunainaVote for Deepti Sunaina  7729998812
Vote for GaneshVote for Ganesh 7729998803
Vote for Kireeti DamarajuVote for Kireeti Damaraju 7729998816
Vote for Kaushal MandaVote for Kaushal Manda 7729998817

Vote for Nuthan NaiduVote for Nuthan Naidu

Vote for Sanjana AnneeVote for Sanjana Annee 7729998814

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Elimination List (Week Wise):

Week 1 : Update on Sunday

If you have any other queries about Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online feel free to ask us your comments in the comment box below

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