Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Elimination Results This Week SMS, Missed Call Mobile Numbers – Winners

By | January 19, 2018

Bigg Boss Telugu vote Online: Star Maa TV Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Started and Elimination, Nominations have been started. Telugu Bigg Boss Show  Came into 3rd/ Third Week and 4th week which is on July. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote For Voting to Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants elimination this week can Pick Through SMS Voting or Missed Call Numbers.

Bigg Boss Telugu voting Last Week Vote The Bellow contestant

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Elimination Results This Week SMS, Missed Call Mobile Numbers – Winners

Telugu Bigg Boss Show Starts on July 16th and it will Continue until 71 Days from July 16th. Every from july 16th to every week daily eliminating and nominating participants through Bigg boss Telugu Votes Online by SMS and Missed call Mobile Numbers. The bigg boss telugu online poll for Contestants has begun and viewers can cast their bigg boss telugu vote for favourite Eviction contestant. As per telugu big boss rules, Every week three/ 3 contestants will be nominate for Public voting. To know more details about Bigg Boss Voting (Telugu), Elimination participant Missed Call Numbers from below.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

What is Telugu Bigg Boss ?

Its television show which is first season prestigious conducting by Star Maa TV in telugu. Every Week new participants will be nominated and eliminated through public voting. 1st season starts from Julu 16th, 2017.

 Bigg Boss Season 1 Telugu Winner is Bellow The Matter 

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Week 5 Elimination Contestants List

This Week 4 members are in elimination zone, if you want to give them vote fallow below link. Click on your favorite contestant and give them a vote. Before submitting your vote through google you have to sign to google account or if you don’t have google account sign up here.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Here: Click Here

Bigg Boss Telugu 2017 Contestants  Names List :

Archana aka Veda Sastry


Prince Cecil


Sampoornesh Babu

Aadarsha Balakrishna


Mumaith Khan

Shiva Balaji

Mahesh Katthi


katthi Kartheeka



Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Live Updates : Week 1 & Week 2

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting & Elimination Results : Bigg Boss Vote online : There is a direct correlation between bigg boss telugu voting online in the show and in elimination. Because the contestant who fails in impressing of the audience may get out of the show permanently. According to the format/ rules of the show, the lowest vote-getting contestant will get eliminated once the eliminations round start. Among these total 14 contestants, it is difficult to say in starting that who will be eliminated from the show at very first. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote But as the show progresses the real faces of contestants will come in front of everyone. Here you can check the list of eliminations of Bigg Boss Telugu 2017 on regular basis.

Bigg Boss Telugu Will Telecasts on Star Maa TV

Keep Watching Bigg Boss Telugu every Saturday-Sunday 9 PM on Star Maa Channel and Also Watch it from Monday to Friday 9:30 PM.

Voting start time: 9:55 PM IST

Hariteja 08433900171 Still in the show
Jyothi 08433900166 OUT
katthi Kartheeka 08433900169 Still in the show
Madhupriya 08433900164 OUT
Mahesh Katthi 08433900168 OUT
Shiva Balaji 08433900170 Still in the show
Mumaith Khan 08433900162 Still in the show/ With a 2nd chance
Dhanraj 08433900173 Still in the show
Aadarsha Balakrishna 08433900172 Still in the show
Sampoornesh Babu(Out) Replaced By Deeaksha 08433900165 OUT
Archana aka Veda Sastry 08433900160 Still in the show
Kalpana 08433900167 OUT
Sameer 08433900161 OUT
Prince Cecil 08433900163 Still in the show

Bigg Boss Eliminated Contestants List

Here is the full list of eliminated participant from Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 (2017).

Week Contestant
Week 1 Jyothi (eliminated)
Week 2 Madhu (eliminated), Sampoornesh Babu
Week 3 Sameer (eliminated)
Week 4 Mahesh Katthi (eliminated), Kalpana (eliminated)
Week 5 Mumaith Khan (Still In Show On Special Permission)
Week 6 Kathi Karthika, Dhanraj
Week 8 Mumaith Khan
Week 9 Prince

How to Vote in Bigg Boss Telugu

As the show is has been started and this time there is going to be online voting for Bigg Boss Telugu vote. Therefore in order to vote online for your favourite contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu show, you need to follow some steps. To do Bigg Boss telugu voting you have to check these steps and have to follow these carefully.

In the whole voting process, the nominees who gets the lowest vote(lowest support) will be eliminated from the bigg boss house. So make sure you caste your vote for the right person.

There are two ways, you can cast your vote in bigg boss telugu.
1) Type BIGG BOSS TELUGU on Google Select Person Vote.
2) Missed Call

bigg boss telugu show End of the last week who is the winner of season 1 telugu Bigg Boss Show

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Methods – Step by Step Procedure

  • First of all open Google search box in any browser.
  • Then Type “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Telugu vote”  in the search box.
  • On the next, step you will see pictures of contestants and choose the number of votes you want to cast for your favourite contestant.
  • Then you need to login to your Gmail id.
  • Select your favourite contestant and Click on Submit.
  • thus in this way, Bigg Boss Telugu voting will be done.
  • The audience can vote a maximum of 50 votes to their favourite contestants

This is the way of Telugu Bigg Boss Voting. You need to follow these steps repeatedly every week. Because you never know which contestant will eliminate.

Bigg Boss Vote – Missed Call Voting Method Details

The missed call bigg boss telugu vote also opened to register your vote for favorite contestant. To vote for your favorite big boss telugu show contestant, just type give missed to below mentioned mobile number. bigg boss Telugu vote

To vote for contestant Hariteja: Missed Call Number – +91 8433900171
To vote for contestant Jyothi: Missed Call Number – +91 8433900166
To vote for contestant katthi Kartheeka: Missed Call Number – +91 8433900169
To vote for contestant Madhupriya: Missed Call Number – +91 8433900164
To vote for contestant Mahesh Katthi: Missed Call Number – +91 8433900168
To vote For Shiva Balaji – +91 8433900170
To vote For Mumaith Khan – +91 8433900162
To vote For Dhanraj  – +91 8433900173
To vote For Aadarsha Balakrishna – +91 8433900172
To vote For Sampoornesh Babu – +91 8433900165
To vote For Archana aka Veda Sastry  – +91 8433900160
To vote For Kalpana – +91 8433900167
To vote For Sameer  – +91 8433900161
To vote For Prince Cecil – +91 8433900163

Bigg Boss Telugu Show Rules & Regulations

Here is complete list of Bigg Boss telugu rules and regulations – Step by Step. The telecast in star maa TV from Monday to Friday – 9 PM and during weekends Saturday and Sunday – 8.30 PM. You can also stream online in

  1. The total number of 14 participant, who are also called as ‘Housemates’ will have to live in a purpose build house and are arrested from out world.
  2. The contestant will not allowed to use any devices to know outside world. No Mobile, Television, Internet, Social media and phone calls to others.
  3. The show will conducted for 100 days, 3 Months and more than 30 camera’s being fixed in entire house to monitor all participant activities.
  4. Every week, Housemates will nominate two of other participant for eviction, From that the housemate who receives most number of nomination will have to go for public poll.
  5. The member who got less number of vote from public will be eliminated from contest and send out of house.
  6. In the last week of Big Boss, totally three contestant will be remaining and mega voting poll will be conducted to select the winner.
  7. Like other Big Brother show, Indian version of Bigg Boss playing mostly with celebrities as contestant, not any general public.

Bigg Boss Telugu: The show adopted from foreign game show the Big Brother, which was developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. (Wiki) In India, Bigg Boss first being telecast in Hindi, then later in Kannada. The tamil version of Big Boss acquired by Vijay Television and show host by Kamal Haasan. In Telugu Bigg Boss vote acquired by star maa Television show host by Jr.NTR.

Winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2017 – Bigg Boss Telugu Show Winner Names List

Are you wondering about who will be the winner of this show? Do you also have this question in mind that who will be Bigg Boss Telugu 2017 Winner? If yes then your curiosity is going to increase day by day. Because the show will last for 71 days from starting date 16th July. Therefore it will be interesting to know who will win the show. However there can be many predictions like some will say Hemang Badani will win, some will predict that Amala Paul will win. But trust me nothing can be clearly said before show finale. So just go through Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. the bigg boss telugu winners list wont be leaked. those all are rumours. stay tuned here for more official information.

Watch Bigg Boss Telugu vote Show TV Live On Online : Watch in Star Maa TV for up-coming and more shows.

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Telugu bigg boss winner:

telugu Star Maa is extremely enthusiastic to launch the Bigg Boss show which is considered as the tremendous reality show in the globe. telugu bigg boss winner is update soon.

Telugu Bigg Boss Winner Is  Shiva Balajee  

  • Siva Balaji Manoharan is an Indian actor, who predominantly works in Telugu Film Industry and also appeared in Tamil films.

bigg boss telugu season 2 Contestants:

Big Boss Telugu Season 2 Host Confirmed. season 1 is big success at same season 2 well be grand success.

30 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Elimination Results This Week SMS, Missed Call Mobile Numbers – Winners

  1. Ramesh naidu

    goodevening BIGG BOSS SHOW. Wonderful for NTR. all are consistents is involving in to the bigg boss programme and enjoying a lot. all are verry doing best behaviour except mumaith khan. because of she is doing more extra any time fighting, argumenting and doing smoking. we are indians. we have culture and values. but the bigg boss show is choosing Mumaith khan is worst. we need entetainment but not collapse family family values for mumaith khan. we are sitting in front of TV we hae interest but not enjoying. my families childrens all are disturbing ladies smoking. pls avoid and don’t allow this type of ladies next episode or season…

  2. pavan kumar

    goodevening BIGG BOSS SHOW. Wonderful for NTR. all are consistents is involving in to the bigg boss programme and enjoying a lot. all are verry doing best behaviour except mumaith khan. because of she is doing more extra any time fighting, argumenting and doing smoking. we are indians. we have culture and values. but the bigg boss show is choosing Mumaith khan is worst. we need entetainment but not collapse family family values for mumaith khan. we are sitting in front of TV we have interest but not enjoying. my families childrens all are disturbing ladies smoking. pls avoid and don’t allow this type of ladies .

  3. ram

    wonderful for all Mumaith is to bad and worst. ladies smoking is disturbing to families pls avoid.

  4. chandra mohan

    why don’t you send some celebrities, inside the house at least for the day, once in a week and let the celebrity himself or herself give some task to the housemates and issue some scores.This will refresh the housemates and the audiences at least once in a week

    as big boss has not provided any sort of entertainment, apart from interacting with the host junior NTR…….

    i feel this is one of the reason, that, the house mates themselves,…. wish to get eliminated , before they are voted out……. and they too are not adhering to the given tasks with respect and fear of elimination, …….. because it is very boring at house……… hope you have got the point….. please make the show more interesting

    the way show is going ……… it’s not good ……. it’s not worth so many peoples time being wasted every night…… going to bed……..

    with negative discussions and negative issues……….. this is not good for the society

    thank you

  5. William

    Adarsh prince danraj archana shiva balaji.these 6players maniplating everything.
    Group gathering they are not living in house
    Just performance they are doing .my advice to big boss show is give them a chance for six people to let out from show trial and see.
    Who doesn’t like money boss real beggers they are give them a chance and see they dont go.and then start of living original comes out I want to see original artists all pls

  6. William

    Archana is she worst in big boss house.maniplating group gathering third class attitude. Every time she does politics and at the end she only gives explanation.naach ne ko nahin atha aangan theadaa hai bole.remove her from big boss show.tholu erraga vunte saripodu gunam sariga vundali.

  7. Ravi Tej

    Kalpana is right person to captain the ladies dresses of other contestants that is mummaith,archana is very bad and to stop smoking by ladies and mummaith behaviour is bad

  8. sanjay

    Comment:telugu lo chetta show ante eedhe
    annayya ntr koraku chustunnamu kani
    lekunte chetta
    archana very bad

  9. Pradeep

    Voting are totally roung, Iam checked the mumith Khan account that the time 38687 votes, after I added 50votes for mumith, not added the mumith account, totally one side game, the votes are clobing for all the persons, it totally rang, ur cheeting the public, it’s not fair game one side game, please call me,i will prove it.

  10. Ashok

    Why Archana is weeping since all other housemates nominated her to eliminate.
    Since the begining she poisioned the minds of Sameer, Hariteja and others and all targetted Kalpana till elimination. Now she is weeping for elimination. She should think if it.
    She is very cunning lady. PITURILA TANK.Its proved by Jr NTR also in the clippings.
    Eliminate her. She is not fit in the Bigg boss house.

  11. Sanju

    Archana is really playing very well. Kartheeka is manipulating all of them.

  12. Abbas

    Big boss show super,ee show ki ntr annayya inka super,intha varaku ilanti show ekkada chudledu, show lo andaru chala baga aadutunnaru

  13. bkb

    I don’t know why mumaith came into Big Boss house and playing after Elimination.
    Because of her everybody is in trouble
    Everybody is targeting to Archana,It is not good,If somebody is nominating her then everybody is following the same. Shiva is playing very very nice.
    Karthika performance is not worth. I believe this week we should eliminate Karithika only.

  14. Kimm

    Who ever is talking about Mumaith khan , that same mumaith khan when she danced in movies as a vamp…your culture don’t point you …going and watching her in movies…RAMESH naidu, pavan Kumar , Ram…why are you guys watching yaar…when you guys really think so much about families and society,,, why who asked you to watch man….just shut up guys….OK…shut up….its a game and watch it like a game…

  15. Suri

    Please eliminate mumaith Khan….she is not stable ….she thinks everything should be under her favour….

  16. Nikitha

    I vote and support adharsh
    He is playing geninouly without manipulating anybody. From day one to still now he is not harming any one.

  17. chittu

    Bhanu sree is the only one playing bold. Most of the others are bad playing tricks to eliminate Bhanu.
    Would your daughter or sister get into the situation, would you say the words “its okay be calm other people think you bad.” or would you say the words “you should be brave enough to ask back”. Ask your self.
    Koushal should have not put hand as two ladies standing each other very closely. Even if he did, he would have feel and say sorry to Bhanu immediately when Bhanu reacted. But he apologized after supporting him self for such long time.
    Bhanu reacted to personal feelings as she was the victim, felt bad and shame so she reacted a bit loud voice which is perfectly agreed. She would have been cool if Koushal say sorry immediately. She is cool and forgiving person , she forgave Koushal , roll, Amit, Sunaina before.

    Babu Gogineni: Being elder, he would have ask Koushal to appolagise to Bhanu when she claimed. But he was silent at that time and continuously he was talking about task wining and using on Bhanu’s issue. I think he would react if he has a daughter.
    Tejasvi : every one knows, she was continuously adding some lies to the actual and shouting , continuously tryign to blame Bhanu to get her eliminate by having mask as she supporting Bhanu. Very dangerous.
    Kaushal: He only knows what was intentional and what was not. He completely fell on Bhanu while trying to win the key. Bhanu did not raised. he should have appolazised immediately. he was very clear that Bhanu is victim and he should have say sorry to her and he knows that Thejasvi played game. But he put Bhanu in jail just to project her bad and get her eliminated. we all saw that he and the thitti gang discussed and planned to eliminate Bhanu 2 weeks back.
    Kaushal, Geetha madhuri, Dhepthi : we all saw these people discussed and planned to eliminate Bhanu 2 weeks back. they used Bhanu’s incident to get her eliminate again. Geetha is worst, hope she will regret atleast when she personally go through the same. Dhepthi is continuouly proved that she adds extra to the actual to blame, she is not honest person to live with.

    Deepthi sunaina: she removed kaushal leg from Thanish and she took him. but did nto care that kaushal completely fell on Bhanu pushing down to get key. Is she not brave enough to understand that Bhanu did not used task to suffer her by drama.

    Roll Raida: He should know why he made false blaming Bhanu and sy sorry at the end. Did not stand for Bhanu when she needed on Kaushal issue.

    Amit: he aggreed to save Bhanu when he think with heart, But finally he think with selfish brain just to become captain. Does he not know that he wuld not get another chance to become captain? or he want to eleminate Bhanu? Being brother, he did not stand for Bhanu when she needed on Kaushal issue.

  18. chittu

    Raising voice when a woman got abused by a man is not motivational. Bhanu should not get eleminated


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