Kakinada Municipal Election Results 1st September Declared Live Updates

By | January 12, 2018

Kakinada Municipal Election Results are going to be released on 1st September Friday. As the information we have on 29th August, Kakinada’s polling started with some problems but finally ended peacefully with 64.78% of Overall votes. TDP and YCP have tried their level best to win in the Elections. On Tuesday both TDP and YCP Leaders and Members have came to assist the voters at polling booths. At that time both the parties had small fights.

Kakinada Municipal Election Results 1st September Declared Live Updates

Kakinada Municipal Election Results

Kakinada Municipal Election Results 2017

Name of Authority : Election Commission
State : Andhra Pradesh
Name of Municipality : Kakinada
Date of Elections: 29th August 2017
Date of Results & Counting : 1st September 2017

In some polling booths even these parties had shown their symbol of representation for voters to vote for their party. This a made a fight between both parties. Particularly 14th Division Aatimoga area for very severe. It had started with the word that they were started with propaganda and then went upto fight. It has been continued until the polling has ended. Since there were heavy police protection no serious issues had happened.

Kainada Election Results Released And Results are like this

kakinada election results 2017

Kakinada Municipal Election Results

  1. Total Number Of seats in Kakinada Municipal (KMC): 50
  2. Total Number Of Seats in Kakinada Municipal Elections : 48 (2 of them are under Court case)
  3. Telugu Desam party +BJP: 39+9
  4. YSRCP Party: 48
  5. Congress Party : 17
  6. Independent Party : 121
  7. Total contestants Party : 241


Voters faced Inconvenience due to Rain

When the Polling had started suddenly the next hour begun raining and voters have felt very much inconvenience to come to the polling booths and vote for their parties. Jagannadhapuram, the place where there are families of Fishermen are living have voted more than 70 to 80 percent at every division. And the other side of the Jagannadhapuram bridge was not that much of crowd to be seen at the Polling Booths.

Leaders like Kakinada MLA Vanamadi Venkateswara Rao at 17th division, MLC Varma at 50th division and YCP District President Kurasala Kannababu at 2nd division had utilized their votes.

Compared with the developed areas the voters in the slum areas had utilized their vote. Since most of the voters haven’t been utilizing their votes until afternoon, the parties have arranged transport facility for voters to utilize their right to vote at nearest booth.

Ex-Mayor’s Vote was Missing!

In some places Voters name was missing in the voters list which had made some disturbance. Even the Ex-Mayor P. Saroja’s name was missing in the voters list.

Collector Karthikeya Mishra went to some divisions and has checked the situation and the process going on the Polling booths. Some people had questioned about why Nota has no right to participate in the Municipal Corparation’s Elections.

The Municipal Corporation Commisioner Aleem Basha, Joint Collector Mallikarjhun, Joint Secretary-2 Radha Krishna Murthy, S.P. Vishal Gunni had visited and checked wheather there are any problems in the polling areas.

At some polling booths some parties have full support from the police. And this made some of the voters angry.

Kakinada Municipal Election Counting Of Votes Date

Counting of Votes will be held on coming Friday. Even the results also will be on the same day’s afternoon. There are strong rooms built at Kakinada’s RangaRaya Medical College. On Tuesday’s night all the 196 EVM’s have been safely sent to RangaRaya Medical College.

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